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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will it suit me? What if I am really out of condition?

Programmes are designed specifically for each individual. For example if you have not exercised before we would begin a very gentle graduated programme, ensuring perfect technique and gentle progression. Your techniques and co-ordination improve as you become used to the exercises and equipment. All exercises have a beginner, intermediate and advanced technique and are suitable for all ages and sizes.

Personal training can suit all ages and fitness levels, including clients with special needs. We work with clients who have had knee injuries, heart attacks, bad backs, are pre or post natal, are overweight or elderly, and so on.

Q: Am I too old?

You are never to old to keep active. With gentle exercises you can increase your flexibility, bone density, reduce the risk of falling, and generally improve the quality of your daily life. The age range of our clients at present is 11 – 77 years of age.

Q: Is my room big enough?

Most houses have enough space for our training. A living room or single garage is enough space for four people. If you feel space is a problem we can discuss ideas or alternative arrangements at the first free consutation session. For larger classes, up to 30, we have rooms which can be used at most times of the day and evening.

Q: Do I need any equipment?

No, Positive Lifestyle Training provides up to date, state of the art, effective equipment. All equipment is brought to the training sessions, providing a variety of exercises and fitness techniques. A typical training session utilises a selection of the following equipment: rower, bike, fit-balls, step, resistance bands and weights, skipping ropes, boxing pads and gloves and floor mats. All of the above fits easily into an average sized room, bringing the effectiveness of a gym into the comfort of your own home.

Q: Is Personal Training only for the rich and famous?

Positive Lifestyle Training aims to make personal training available and affordable to everyone. The cost is fixed for one, two or three people. If you cannot afford the cost on your own then bring a friend and the price immediately halves or bring two friends and the price per person thirds. You still get all the benefits of an individual session. We come to you so already you have saved on time, petrol money and parking. How often you see us is up to you; daily, weekly, monthly etc. Programmes will be set to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Q: Is Personal Training only for sportsmen and women?

Personal Training can benefit everyone, whether you want to change your body shape or fine-tuning. Over 95% of our current clients are people working in an office or shop type job, mainly interested in losing some weight, becoming more energetic and toning their stomach, releasing stress and preventing lower back pain.

Q: What if I can only make early mornings, late nights, or weekends?

Positive Lifestyle Training covers all times to suit the requirements of the client.