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Positive Lifestyle Training provides a structured and varied training programme. The trainers are friendly and very motivating, They have helped me reach my fitness goals and I would healthy recommend them.
June Chapman

In Jan 2006 and approaching the second half of my 40s, I decided to do something about my total lack of exercise fitness and increasing weight gain. I could never be described as your typical gym user, usual problems of motivation, time, better things to do etc, so a personal trainer seemed an ideal solution. 1yr and 3mths later I’m still going strong. I’m 100% fitter, feel so much better, and 1 and a half stone lighter. What is amazing is that my fitness levels continues to improve (I’m now fitter than my 20yr old daughter!), I’m still as motivated now as I was in the beginning which wouldn’t have been the case if I’d joined a gym. The trainers are fabulous, bringing their own personal style and expertise, continually motivating and keeping you positive. I would recommend Positive Lifestyle Training to any one, share a session with a friend or family. Its great fun and worth every penny!
Terry Dunsford

Why would we recommend Positive Lifestyle Training?
Because PLT finally convinced us that fitness is for everyone; because their workouts are truly tailor made; and last of all, because PLT’s trainers are really fun people to be around.
Terry Dunsford

I have been training now for approx 18 months with PLT. For someone who is not terribly self-motivated and is the queen of “put it off”, it works for me because it MAKES me exercise. I train twice a week with a friend, we work it around our children and busy diaries; you need no equipment and you get a good workout with a qualified trainer. I’m definitely trimmer and can continue to eat a few treats because I know I’ll be working it off in a few days!
Gee Robinson

My wife and I started training with PLT in August 2002. During this time we have been extremely satisfied with the quality and type of training we have received. We have been particularly impressed with Gary and also the very professional way our training has been designed to suit our lifestyle, age and abilities. The end result is that we are truly challenged with our training, but within our limitations, hence our fitness levels have improved significantly. We certainly intend to continue our training with PLT well into the future.
Bob and Diane

My experience of training with PLT began in 2000. I have used the company to train to play sports to the highest level I can. Balancing my own work, family & training time means that time spent has to be worthwhile. I have always felt the sessions have been geared to my needs throughout my time as a client. Cricket fitness & strength work has been a focus, but also injury recovery & lifestyle advice has been part of my experience. I am happy to recommend PLT.
Phil Nicholson - (Northumberland County Cricket Club - Captain 1997-2007)

5 Years ago, working with Wayne helped me to return to work quicker after major surgery. My two colleagues and I have continued to work with Wayne and his colleagues on a weekly basis ever since in our workplace. It gives us something to really look forward to every week as well as feeling huge physical benefits. The constant professional maintaining of our progress ensures that we continue to see benefits.
Peter Thompson, David Robinson, Tim Peach. - Laburnum Dental Practice

We have been training as a family for more than four years. In that time our fitness levels and general health have improved considerably. PLT are a friendly but very professional organisation and we like their approach, as no two sessions are the same.
Charles and Daphne Wilkie - Smith

I have been training with Wayne and PLT for a few years now. Once you are the initial unfamiliarity the benefits are tangible.
My wife is convinced by the results and so am I.
Added to that is the home and time convenience and the rapport with the trainers. They make it enjoyable - and I was a boy who never fancied “gym” at school.
Dave Thomas

Seema and myself have been with you for approximately three years and during that time you have made us realise how important it is to take regular exercise and have a healthy diet. This has given us more energy, which we need for our young family and our body shape has certainly improved.
Alok & Seema Dhanda

The very worst thing about PLT team is that they turn up bright and cheerful and totally ignore your complaints and excuses. The best thing is that they always go at the end of your allotted time leaving you feeling very much better.
Although they push you to achieve things that you never thought you could, they don’t make you go running if you hate running- but if you love to run they will happily go with you.
Equipment comes with them- rowing machine, bike, weights, the dreaded skipping rope, the boxing gloves to get your own back, pilates balls, hurdles, so many things that you are not likely to have encountered before, and aren’t likely to if you go to the gym on your own.

Regular sessions with Wayne and his team of professionals have contributed to us feeling much fitter and have given us a general sense of wellbeing.
Jon & Stephanie 60+ yrs