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Fitness Studio

Group fitness with a personal approach

The Positive Lifestyle Fitness Studio offers a wide variety of classes to suit all tastes and levels of fitness.  Classes have around 4-6 people taking part which allows the class trainer to tailor exercises to each individual attendee. Most importantly there are no joining or membership fees, you simply make a booking and come along. Our classes are fun, varied and keep you motivated!

There are two fully air conditioned studios and a shower facility is available. Additionally, we have a therapy room, where we offer nutritional advice, sports massage, postural analysis & physiotherapy and beaty therapy.

Fitness Studio

Class Descriptions

Each class has a small number of attendees. We keep it that way to ensure you get what you need out of each class; your needs (e.g. injuries or preferences) will be catered for!

Lunchtime fitness Pilates - a stomach toning workout using the whole body.

Cardio fat burn - a superb heart raiser workout aimed at burning calories.

Body blast - a complete body workout aimed at toning those stubborn areas and increasing cardio fitness.

Fitness Pilates - a core stability workout using various methods to tone the whole body.

Energising Pilates - our own new unique version of fat burning Pilates, it's a more intense workout!

Pilates and Cardio - a mix of toning and fat burning exercises.

Energise - an early morning cardio and conditioning session to kick start your day.

High intensity training - full body interval training aimed at those wanting to burn lots of calories and get fitter.

Boxercise - a fun, fat burning boxing based workout great for cardio and toning.

Ultimate challenge - a circuit class aimed at those who want to push themselves to their limits.

Kettletone - using different weights of kettlebells to turn your body into a fat burning machine. Fact - you can burn 20 calories per minute using kettlebells!

Full body Boxercise - a great stress relieving workout with a real emphasis on working those core muscles.

Keep fit - a perfect weekend energiser.

Yoga - a freestyle fitness Yoga class.

To book a class or to find out more call 0191 2859888 or email info@positivelifestyletraining.co.uk

Opening Hours

  • Mon-Fri: 6am – 9pm
  • Sat: 7.30am – 12.00am
  • Sun: 9.30am – 11.45am
  • Closed on Bank Holidays



30min classes:

  • 1 class - £6
  • 10 classes - £55
  • 25 classes - £125

60min classes:

  • 1 class - £9
  • 10 classes - £80
  • 25 classes - £175

No joining or membership fees

Bookings - call 0191 285 9888

Studio address:
2 Salters Road,
Newcastle Upon Tyne,


"The classes are great - they're different each time and the trainers consider my personal needs."
Jenny from Gosforth - recently had a baby!

"The classes are small so you always get some personal attention which i never got at a gym. I work much harder in these classes because of the guidance and motivation provided by the trainers. We always have a good laugh as well!"
Alison from Kenton Bar